About me

As an imaginative individual, I've always used art and media to express myself. I was that kid who would get told off for drawing on kindergarten walls, or for amusingly cracking really, really bad jokes.

Fast forward 15 years, those same storytelling skills are coming in handy as I pursue my Bachelor's at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with a major in Digital Film-making and a minor in Communication Studies. Along the way, my inquisitiveness has led me to try my hand at other things like marketing, and pick up essential skills such as video editing and digital marketing. I enjoy wearing many hats, and hence I'm looking to apply my skills and passions in a career doing what I do best, and love the most - marketing meaningful businesses, products and experiences.

So, this is me

Content Creation  Marketing 
 Project Management 

 Strategy  Social Media

 Events   Digital Marketing 

Interface Design  Producing